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Brand Our Wallet!

Our wallet is ready to be branded.


Our wallet can accept multiple currencies, operate currency conversions on the fly, and allow customisation of the currency spread.


Accepting various payment channels such as BitCoin, IBAN, Cards, and can be adapted to support all alternative payments.


Full support for email verification, 3DSecure and ancillary fraud measures on a per merchant level.

Solid Accounting Base

Operates on a solid accounting base, supporting double-entry transactions and journaling to offer a secure audit trail and point-in-time snapshots for reconciliation.

Fluid Interface

The UI was designed for ease-of-use alongside the AngularJS engine for ultimate responsiveness!

PCI Managed Solution

We execute your instance on our PCI Level 1 platform, meaning you are fully PCI compliant, covered by a 24x7 SLA and the guaranteed uptimes which come with our resilient and reliable cloud hosting platform.